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Silicon Nitride & Sialons

International Syalons offer a range of advanced silicon nitride and sialon ceramics and composites, utilising the unique mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of this family of engineering materials.

Sialons are advanced silicon nitride (Si3N4) based ceramics and are amongst the strongest and most durable ceramic materials known. Their outstanding properties allow them to compete with other engineering ceramics and refractories such as, zirconia (ZrO2), alumina (Al2O3) and silicon carbide (SiC) in many diverse industrial applications. International Syalons manufacture five grades of sialon and silicon nitride materials and composites, also known as Syalon, which offer a wide range of properties. Syalons were the world's first commercially available advanced ceramic alloys.

  • Syalon 101

    Image of Syalon 101 automotive parts

    Syalon 101 is a grade of sialon which offers the best general combination of properties. These include high strength, hardness and toughness as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Typical applications of Syalon 101 include thermocouple protection sheaths, milling media and hydrocyclones.

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  • Syalon 050

    Image of Syalon 050 turbine components

    Syalon 050 is suited to wear and high temperature applications. It has extreme hardness combined with high strength and can be used in applications up to 1400°C in air. Typical applications of Syalon 050 include shot blast nozzles and thermocouple protection sheaths for high temperture alloys.

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  • Syalon 110

    Image of Syalon 110 tubes

    Syalon 110 is a composite grade of sialon originally developed as a break ring for the horizontal continuous casting of steel. As such it's properties include improved corrosion resistance to steel over other Syalons, outstanding thermal shock resistance and usable upto temperatures in excess of 1450°C.

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  • Syalon 201

    Image of a Syalon 201 crucible

    Syalon 201 is a β-sialon, similar to Syalon 101 but with better retention of strength up to 1350°C in air. Typical applications of Syalon 201 include molten metal handling applications where high temperature strength is required or high temperature wear applications where hot hardness is required.

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  • Syalon 501

    Image of Syalon 501 components

    Syalon 501 is a composite grade of sialon developed to produce an electrically conducting ceramic. This allows Syalon 501 to be electro-discharge machined into complex shapes. The mechanical and wear properties of Syalon 501 are excellent and it can be used up to around 800°C in air, typically as extrusion die inserts.

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