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Industrial Wear Applications

International Syalons supplies advanced silicon nitride, zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide ceramic solutions for diverse industrial wear applications, ultilising their outstanding wear resistant properties.

Advanced ceramic wear partsAdvanced ceramics combine high strength and toughness with extreme hardness to give excellent wear resistance. Materials such as silicon nitride and sialon and silicon carbide also have excellent high temperature properties and are resistant to corrosion by many acids and alkalies which allows them to find numerous wear resistance applications. For example, Syalon 101 possesses an outstanding set of physical properties such as high strength, toughness and hardness and is pre-eminently suitable for couples used in sliding wear or as dewatering foils in paper manufacture, whilst the superior hardness of Syalon 050 allows it to be of particular benefit in many wear applications, such as sand blast liners and Sycarb is widely used as a mechanical seal.

Zircalon 10, an yttria partially stabilised zirconia, although generally not as wear resistant as Syalon or Sycarb, possesses superior toughness making it the material of choice for many wear applications where impact is experienced. For example, Zircalon has found wide use as weld locations pins in resistance welding of captive nuts to sheet metal.

Below are a selection of common industrial wear applications of our advanced engineering ceramics.

  • Milling Media

    Image of Syalon grinding media

    When used as grinding vessels for the preparation of industrial and analytical samples, weight losses for Syalon 101 bowls are about 14 per cent of the reported weight loss for agate, alumina, zirconia and tungsten carbide. Milling efficiencies are also in general improved.

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  • Shot Blast Nozzles

    Image of Syalon shot blast nozzles

    In shot blasting applications, particularly with aggressive grits, Syalon 050 out-performs conventional nozzles with a useful life of about eight times that of conventional nozzles. Syalon nozzles are light weight and easy to handle.

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  • Paper Dewatering Foils

    Image of Syalon de-watering foils

    During the dewatering stage of modern paper manufacture, the paper travels over the de-watering foils at speeds approaching 100km⁄min, making only the most wear and thermal shock resistant materials, such as Syalon 101, applicable.

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  • Seals

    Image of Syalon seals

    Mechanical seals made from Sycarb or Syalon 101 improve reliability and performance when fluids are being pumped. Sycarb and Syalon 101 have excellent wear and corrosion resistance and can operate effectively in a wide range of environments.

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  • Weld Location Pins

    Image of Syalon weld location pins

    Syalon 101 and Zircalon are firmly established in the resistance welding sector, particularly as weld location pins for welding captive nuts to body panels in automotive and commercial vehicle assembly. We manufacture a vast range of standard weld pins.

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Industrial wear applications are tailor made for our range advanced ceramics, so please contact the International Syalons' technical sales team to discuss your wear application or request a quote. Alternatively download our Industrial Wear Applications PDF (0.38 Mb).