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Molten Metal Handling Applications

International Syalons has supplied world leading advanced silicon nitride and sialon products to the molten metal handling industry for many years, utilising the outstanding chemical stability of our materials, particularly in contact with non–ferrous molten metals.

Syalon 101 molten metal handling productsThe exceptional heat and corrosion resistant properties of advanced silicon nitride and sialon ceramics have been utilised in a range of foundry products for non–ferrous molten metal handling. These include thermocouple protection sheaths, heater and riser tubes, ladles and other foundry products.

Syalon 101 has excellent thermal shock resistance as a result of its high strength, toughness and thermal conductivity. It is thermally very stable and extremely resistant to corrosion by most non–ferrous metals, particularly aluminium and zinc. There is therefore no contamination of the melt. In addition, Syalon 101 is non–wetting for most non–ferrous metals, making it very resistant to build up of dross and therefore very low maintenance.

These unique properties give sialon a significantly better service life over conventional products such as chill cast iron, silicon carbide and aluminium titanate, for example. Our products are used extensively in both primary and secondary aluminium smelters and in the holding furnacess and filter boxes of cast houses. Examples of the foundry products we manufacture include:

  • Thermocouple Sheaths

    Image of Syalon thermocouple protection sheaths

    Syalon 101 thermcocouple protection sheaths are becoming the industry standard in non–ferrous metal foundries. They possess outstanding thermal shock resistance, are non–wetting and suffer no degradation in contact with aluminium and it's alloys.

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  • Heater & Riser Tubes

    Image of Syalon heater tube

    The benefits of Syalon 101 for thermcouple sheaths applies equally to heater and riser tubes. International Syalons manufacture a wide array of heater and riser tubes to suit most requirments in the non–ferrous molten metal foundry business.

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  • Ladles

    Image of Syalon ladles

    International Syalons manufacture a range of standard Syalon 101 ladles, which offer excellent thermal shock and corosion resistance, which minimises contamination of the melt. Ladles can also be made to your own design.

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  • Hooks

    Image of Syalon hooks

    Syalon 101 hooks are used for hot dip aluminising. They possess excellent thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and are non–wetted by aluminium.

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Please contact International Syalons for a quote or to discuss the non–ferrous molten metal handling applications of our silicon nitride and sialon fine ceramics with our technical sales team. Alternatively download our Molten Metal Handling Applications PDF (0.2 Mb) or our Aluminium Smelting Applications PDF (0.26 Mb).