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Silicon nitride and sialon advanced ceramic ladles and crucibles are typically used for handling non–ferrous metals, such as aluminium and its alloys and zinc and in the chemical and process industries for handling chemicals. Sialons are alloys of silicon nitride and are characterised by excellent thermal and chemical stability, making them ideal for these applications.

In the aluminium industry, sialon or silicon nitride ladles are used to carry and pour molten aluminium. These may be hand ladles or ladles for robotic arms. In either case Syalon 101 ladles offer improved process reliability, long life and are cost effective.

Syalon 101 has excellent thermal shock resistance, is resistant to corrosion and is non–wetted by most non–ferrous metals and is chemically stable in many acids and alkalis. The outstanding physical properties of Syalon 101 mean it out performs traditional materials, such as cast iron and other ceramics such as silicon carbide and alumina, giving outstanding service life and limiting contamination.

For applications where the temperature may exceed 1200°C, Syalon 050 is recommended. Syalon 050 possesses excellent physical properties up to temperatures of 1400°C.

The ceramic ladles and crucibles manufactured by International Syalons are very easy to use. For example, there is no need for preheating. Also, Syalon possesses minimal wetting, so adherence of the melt is kept to a minimum, although this behaviour depends on the melt temperature and the alloy composition. For those situations which require it, we can coat the ladles with a non–wetting boron nitride coating.


Should you have a requirement for a ladle or crucible for handling non–ferrous metals or chemicals, please contact us.

Alternatively download our Molten Metal Handling Applications PDF or our Chemical & Process Applications PDF. For details on using our ladles in molten metal applications, please download our User Guide PDF

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