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International Syalons (Newcastle) Limited is a leading manufacturer of advanced technical ceramics, primarily silicon nitride and sialon. These engineering ceramics enable us to solve wear, corrosion and thermal resistance problems in a wide range of industrial applications and markets, such as molten metal handling, oil & gas, chemical and process, automotive and aerospace.

Originally established in the late 1970s, the business of International Syalons is now based in the North East of England and is the UK's leading producer of sialon and silicon nitride based advanced ceramics. Our business was the first to patent and market sialon ceramics and has nearly 40 years experience in the development of advanced nitride based ceramics. We are leading experts in the field.

Sialons are silicon nitride based advanced ceramics which are characterised particularly by outstanding wear and corrosion resistance. We manufacture five grades of sialon and silicon nitride ceramics and composites each with a unique set of properties. In addition, International Syalons also offer a range of advanced alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide ceramics which complement our sialons in many industrial wear applications.

International Syalons are committed to providing world class fine ceramic solutions to your industrial materials requirements. Our silicon nitride and sialon ceramics offer wear, corrosion and thermal resistance and are available for example as ceramic tubes, tiles, wear liners, foundry products and many more. In addition, our R & D department, in collaboration with world renowned Institutes and Universities, are continuing to develop new materials, nanomaterials, composites and cutting-edge fabrication processes to ensure our customers are getting the best advanced silicon nitride ceramics available.

For more information on International Syalons (Newcastle) Limited or on our advanced silicon nitride based ceramics, please call +44(0)191 2951010 for an initial consultation or email your enquiry to enquiries[at]syalons[dot]com. Alternatively download our Company Profile PDF (0.25 Mb).