Chemical & Process Applications

International Syalons supplies advanced silicon nitride, zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide ceramic solutions for diverse industrial wear applications, ultilising their outstanding wear resistant properties.

A primary feature of our advanced silicon nitride and sialon and silicon carbide ceramics is their outstanding resistance to corrosion over a wide temperature range. This has resulted in them finding application in the very demanding chemical and process industry markets. These industires are continually seeking new advanced materials to help extend the life of critical components.

The Syalon and Sycarb ceramics manufactured by International Syalons possess extreme wear, corrosion and thermal resistance properties. They are very erosion resistant and are extremely resistant to chemical corrosion by many acids and alkalis as well as many molten metals. Typical chemical and process industry applications include:


Mechanical seals made from Sycarb or Syalon 101 improve reliability and performance when fluids are being pumped. Sycarb and Syalon 101 have excellent wear and corrosion resistance and can operate effectively in a wide range of environments.

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Syalon 101 impellers have been developed for an application in which hot sulphuric acid in being mixed. Syalon 101 has excellent corrosion resistance in many acids and alkalis and outperforms conventional materials, such as metals, many times over.

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International Syalons manufacture a wide range of Syalon tubes which are used to transport often very corrosive chemicals. For example, Syalon 101 has been used in place of inconel tubes, to extend the life of a chemical reactor.

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The above examples are just a small selection of possible chemical and process applications of our advanced ceramics.

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