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Technical ceramics promote exceptional performance in some of the world’s harshest working environments, creating new engineering opportunities in established applications and emerging markets.

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Silicon nitride / sialon

The outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of silicon nitride (Si₃N₄) and sialon (SiAlON) advanced ceramics, even up to temperatures of 1450°C in air, makes them ideal candidate materials for use in the most aggressive environments.
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Silicon Nitride Immersion Heater Protection Tube


Zirconia (ZrO₂) is the toughest of all monolith ceramics and offers exceptional room temperature mechanical properties. International Syalons offer a range of zirconia grades to suit specific demanding applications and their individual requirements.
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alumina crucible


Alumina, or aluminium oxide (Al₂O₃), is the most widely used technical ceramic in the world thanks to its low cost combination of good thermomechanical properties and electrical insulation. International Syalons offer a range of high purity alumina ceramics.
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silicon carbide


Silicon Carbide (SiC) possesses exceptional corrosion resistance in both acids and alkalis, extreme hardness, and high thermal conductivity, making it ideally suited for mechanical seals. International Syalons offer both sintered SiC and reaction bonded SiC.
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From elementary ceramics to advanced piezoelectrics, the world of technical ceramics has expanded rapidly over decades of concerted research and development in materials science and industry. Today, the best technical ceramics suppliers can offer precision engineered materials with highly specialized performance properties suited to demanding heavy industry and cutting-edge high technology applications alike.

Though undeniably diverse, technical ceramics can largely be categorized as either oxide ceramics or non-oxide ceramics. At International Syalons, we manufacture and supply non-oxide technical ceramics such as silicon nitride, sialons, and silicon carbide, alongside oxide ceramics including zirconia and alumina. As one of the UK’s leading technical ceramics manufacturers, we engineer each of these materials for distinct end-use characteristics, by carefully selecting specific high-quality raw materials and employ a range of processing routes including carefully selected green forming methods, advanced sintering techniques, and precise diamond grinding to achieve the highest-quality finished parts to meet specific end-user demands.

Browse our range of technical ceramics below. Please call +44(0)191 2951010 or email for an initial consultation with our technical sales team or send us a Request for Quote.