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Listed below are the International Syalons brochures, product guides, material property data sheets, and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). In order to view them you will need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Advanced Ceramic Property Guide
Applications of Syalons
Ceramic Weld Rolls
Chemical and Process Industry Applications of Advanced Ceramics
Designing With Ceramics
Development of Syalon Ceramics
Industrial Wear Applications of Advanced Ceramics
Manufacturing of Sialon Ceramics
Metal Forming Applications of Advanced Ceramics
Molten Metal Handling - User Guide
Molten Metal Handling Applications of Advanced Ceramics
Oil and Gas Applications of Advanced Ceramics
Sialon and Zirconia Weld Location Pins
Sialon Extrusion and Drawing Dies
Silicon Nitride Ceramics
Syalon 21R Polytype Powders
Syalon Ceramic Inserts for Direct Brass Extrusion - User Guide
Syalon Ceramics for Aluminium Smelting Applications
Syalon Matrizen zum direkten Strangpressen von Messinghalbzeug - Anwender Hinweise
Syalon Outils Céramiques à filer en direct des fils ronds de Laiton - Guide Utilisateurs
Syalon, a New Force in Grinding
Thermocouple Protection Sheaths
Welding Applications of Advanced Ceramics
What are Sialon Ceramics?
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Data Sheets

International Syalons Materials Data Sheet
Aloxalon 96 Data Sheet
Aloxalon 995 Data Sheet
Aloxalon 999 Data Sheet
Syalon 050 Data Sheet
Syalon 101 Data Sheet
Syalon 110 Data Sheet
Syalon 201 Data Sheet
Syalon 501 Data Sheet
Sycarb 10 Data Sheet
Sycarb 20 Data Sheet
Zircalon 5 / Zircalon 10 Data Sheet
Zircalon 20 Data Sheet
Zircalon 30 Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheets

Syalon 101 Safety Data Sheet
Syalon 050 Safety Data Sheet
Syalon 110 Safety Data Sheet
Syalon 201 Safety Data Sheet
Syalon 501 Safety Data Sheet
Aloxalon Safety Data Sheet
Zircalon 5 / Zircalon 10 Safety Data Sheet
Zircalon 30 Safety Data Sheet
Sycarb Safety Data Sheet
21R Polytype Powder Safety Data Sheet
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Anti-Bribery Policy
Directions to International Syalons
International Syalons Company Profile
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions