Metal Forming Applications

International Syalons supplies advanced silicon nitride, zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide ceramic solutions for diverse metal forming applications, utilising their outstanding engineering properties.

International Syalons manufacture a range of silicon nitride and sialon and zirconia advanced ceramic products for various metal forming applications, including weldingextrusion and metal cutting.

Advanced technical ceramics for use in metal forming applications must possess excellent mechanical strength and toughness, impact, wear and corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and thermal stability. Syalon and Zircalonceramics meet these requirements and are available in a range of products including:

Weld Location Pins

Syalon 101 and Zircalon are firmly established in the resistance welding sector, particularly as weld location pins for welding captive nuts to body panels in automotive and commercial vehicle assembly. We manufacture a vast range of standard weld pins.

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Welding Jigs and Fixtures

In addition to weld location pins, we also manufacture a variety of other jigs, fixtures, shrouds and nozzles, which for example may be used in orbital weldingtungsten inert gas (TIG) weldingmetal inert gas (MIG) weldinginduction welding and plasma welding.

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Welding Rolls

Syalon 101 and Zircalon 20 welding rolls are used in the forge welding of metal pipes and tubes. The outstanding thermal and mechanical properties of sialon result in reduced welding roll maintenance and improved pipe quality.

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Extrusion Dies

Extrusion and drawing dies require high strength and outstanding wear resistance, dimensional stability and the ability to give an excellent surface finish. Syalon 101 and Zircalon 20 meet these requirements, as well as having excellent thermal shock resistance.

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Cutting Tips

Sialon cutting tip blanks for milling and turning of cast iron was one of earliest applications of sialon. The latest generation Syalon 101 and Syalon 050 cutting tips possess outstanding wear resistance, thermal shock resistance and chemical stability to allow high-speed milling of cast iron.

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Please contact International Syalons for a quote or to discuss the metal forming applications of our silicon nitride and zirconia fine ceramics with our technical sales team.