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International Syalons manufacture a range of silicon nitride and sialon advanced ceramic welding jigs and fixtures, such as gas weld shrouds for orbital welding and weld nozzles for plasma welding.

Welding methods are diverse but they all require the same high standard of materials performance. Engineering ceramics for use in welding must be able to withstand thermal shock at a variety of temperatures. They must have sufficient strength and toughness to resist mechanical damage, which is often accidental. They must be chemically resistant to ‘weld spatter’ and the consequent build up of weld debris. They must also, for many applications, be electrically resistant and stable at high temperatures. In all these respects Syalon 101, a silicon nitride based sialon ceramic, fits the bill.

In orbital welding, Syalon 101 gas shrouds have given hundred–fold increases over conventional materials when welding aircraft fuel manifold inlet tubes. In the TIG welding of steel tubes in heat exchanger cores, Syalon 101 nozzles have outlasted alumina nozzles by a factor of 10 to 1. In a plasma welding operation, Syalon 101 nozzles were found to be more durable than both alumina and inferior, standard silicon nitride.

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