Heater Tubes & Riser Tubes

International Syalons manufacture a range of advanced ceramic silicon nitride and sialon immersion heater and riser tubes for use in the aluminium and non–ferrous molten metal handling industries. Fine silicon nitride and sialon foundry products offer long life, improved process reliability and are cost effective compared to competitive materials, such as cast iron and refractory ceramics, such as silicon carbide and aluminium titanate. Sialon is an alloy of silicon nitride and combines excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

Syalon 101 has found extensive use in non–ferrous molten metal applications as a result of its high strength, toughness, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and its non–sticking nature in contact with aluminium and its alloys.

Immersion heater tubes are the most effective method of heating the melt in the aluminium processing industry. Syalon 101tubes offer protection to heating elements due to its excellent physical properties.

The range of heater/riser tubes available is very diverse, although we are limited to a maximum outside diameter of 200mm and maximum length of 1500mm. A selection of the tubes we currently manufacture are shown in the tables below. Other tubes can be manufactured to customer requirements.

Standard Sizes—Heater & Riser Tubes

OD/mm ID/mm Maximum Length/mm
60 50 1500
80 60 1500
100 80 1500
120 100 1200
150 130 1200
170 150 1500
190 170 1350
Heater Tube

Please contact us for more information on molten metal handling applications of silicon nitride and sialon fine ceramic foundry products.

Alternatively download our Molten Metal Handling Applications PDF (opens in a new window) (0.2 Mb) and our foundry products User Guide PDF 

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