Advanced Ceramic Products

International Syalons manufacture an ever-increasing portfolio of sialon, alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide products, including tubes, foundry products, powders, balls, weld pins, seals and weld rolls, which utilise the excellent wear, corrosion and thermal resistance of our materials. Below are listed a selection of these products, which reflect the diverse range of applications and markets we service.

Thermocouple Sheaths

Ceramic Weld Rolls

Metering Valves

Ladles and Crucibles

Heater & Riser Tubes


Welding Jigs and Fixtures

Milling Media

Cutting Tools

Weld Location Pins 

Hydrocyclone Liners



Paper Dewatering Foils

Extrusion Dies

Shot Blast Nozzles

Mechanical Seals

Ceramic Hooks