Accessibility Statement

Access Keys

Most browsers support site-defined keyboard shortcuts for activating specified links. On Windows systems, the usual method to invoke the keyboard shortcut is to press ALT + an access key. On Macintosh, press CTRL + an access key.

However, with the recent release of Mozilla Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), things have changed a little. With Firefox, you need to press SHIFT + ALT + an access key. With IE7, you need to press ALT + an access key, then release them and press ENTER.

These are the access keys for this site:

Access Key Action
2 Skip navigation
9 Contact
0 Accessibility statement
1 Home

Resizing Text

All modern web browsers support the following keyboard shortcuts to control text size:The following browsers have built in text resizing functionality:

  • Press CTRL and the + key to increase text size.
  • Press CTRL and the - key to decrease text size.
  • Press CTRL and the 0 (zero) key to reset the text size to the web page’s default setting.

Alternatively, scroll the wheel of your mouse while holding down the CTRL key.

PDF Files

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are used for information intended for download or for printing. There are a number of PDFs on this site. In order to view them, you will need a PDF reader. The most widely used is the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download.

On this site, PDFs are opened in a new window (if your browser has JavaScript enabled), thus ensuring you don’t loose your place should you accidentally close the window. If your browser doesn’t support JavaScript, the PDFs will open in the same browser window.

To save a copy or to print the PDFs, simply use the relevant icon in the PDF reader. Should your browser not be able to open the PDFs, all the information contained in them is available elsewhere on the site and is printable through your browser, as explained below.


This website has been designed to be print friendly. That is, all the actual page content is printable, without the extraneous features such as the navigation, sidebar and page footer being visible.

Standards Compliance

This website is built using the latest HTML5 and CSS web standards.

If you notice any errors in the code for this website, please email Nick Fecitt.