Ceramic Hooks

Sialon hooks are typically used in the non–ferrous molten metal handling industry for hot dip aluminising. This is a method of modifying the surface properties of steel, for example, to improve it's corrosion and wear resistant properties. This technique is commonly applied to piston rings.

Sialons are alloys of silicon nitride and are characterised by excellent thermal and chemical stability, making them ideal for these applications. Syalon 101 has excellent thermal shock resistance, is resistant to corrosion and is non–wetted by most non–ferrous metals, for example aluminium and it's alloys and zinc.

Syalon 101 outperforms competitive materials such as cast iron, silicon carbide and aluminium titanate in non-ferrous applications, making it a cost effective choice.

For applications where the temperature may exceed 1200°C, Syalon 050 is recommended. Syalon 050 possesses similarly excellent physical properties to Syalon 101 up to temperatures of 1400°C.

International Syalons manufacture a wide range of hooks, including single and double hooks, and hooks designed with a special profile to help prevent build up of aluminium on the hook.


Should you have a requirement for silicon nitride and sialon hooks for hot dip aluminising, or other applications of our fine ceramic foundry products please contact us.

Alternatively download our Molten Metal Handling Applications PDF and our foundry products User Guide PDF

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