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Sialon was originally discovered in the early 1970s at Newcastle University and was the first known man-made ceramic alloy based on silicon nitride, a high performance advanced technical ceramic.

This discovery attracted great interest because at the time the only way to fabricate dense silicon nitride based advanced ceramics was by hot pressing, which is very limited in the shapes that can be made. Sialons could be pressureless sintered and therefore shaping methods such as die and isostatic pressing and slip casting could be utilised.

The sialons are not a single material but in fact a family of advanced ceramic materials which were developed and patented during the 1970s and 1980s by Lucas Industries, who had financed the original University work. A company, Lucas Syalon Ltd, was then set up to commercially exploit this technology and to develop the processing technologies needed to produce these advanced ceramics cost effectively.

The business has continued to grow and develop steadily through the 1990s to the present day and is now known as International Syalons (Newcastle) Ltd and we are recognised as the UK's leading manufacturer of silicon nitride based advanced ceramics. We offer a range of 5 grades of Syalon, each with a unique range of properties. In addition we now also offer advanced alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide ceramics.

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