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Technical ceramic bushes are used in a wide range of applications where electrical insulation or protection from sliding movement is required. A bush can be incorporated into a joint between two lengths, or at the entry or exit of a section of tube to limit damage, or as a liner or spacer to keep an internal structure central to an outer housing.

Ceramic tubes are typically used in applications where resistance to corrosion or thermal stability is a requirement. This could be for example, in the chemical and process or molten metal handling industries for thermal applications.

In chemical and process industries, the handling and movement of often very corrosive chemicals requires materials with excellent chemical stability. Traditionally, metals such as Inconel have been used. However, in many applications Inconel has a limited life. International Syalons manufacture sialon and silicon carbide tubes, which have outstanding chemical stability and in many cases last significantly longer than Inconel.

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Ceramic tubes and bushes can be manufactured in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, including features such as flanges, grooves, tapers, or chamfers as necessary.

In non–ferrous molten metal handling, the use of Syalon 101 thermocouple protection sheaths and heater and riser tubes demonstrate the material's excellent thermal, chemical, and electrical insulating behaviour. While Zircalon 30 offers unparalleled fracture resistance and high strength, and is perfectly suited for cost-effective long lasting bushes.

Advanced ceramics are characterised by high melting points and thermal stability. For example, alumina has a melting point of 2050°C. Alumina tube is typically used as a thermocouple protection sheath or as a support for kiln insulation.

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The successful integration of advanced technical ceramics into engineering systems requires close collaboration between you, the end-user, and ourselves, the material manufacturer. Please call +44(0)191 2951010 or email for an initial consultation with our technical sales team, or send us a Request for Quote.

Download our Industrial Wear Applications or Chemical and Process Applications brochures for more details.

For advice on how best to incorporate technical ceramics into existing manufacturing processes see our Resources section for a range of useful articles and guides.

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Resistance Weld Process

Syalon 101 is a grade of sialon which offers the best general combination of properties. These include high strength, hardness and toughness as well as excellent corrosion resistance.

Sand Blasting

Syalon 050 is suited to wear and high temperature applications. It has extreme hardness combined with high strength and can be used in applications up to 1400°C in air.

Syalons Chemical Processing

Syalon 110 is silicon nitride-boron nitride composite, offering high temperature corrosion resistance in challenging molten metal handling applications.