Molten Metal Handling Applications

Syalon 101 is world renowned for its exceptional performance in non-ferrous molten metal handling applications, particularly aluminium and its alloys. Increasing use is now also being found in the handling of molten copper and zinc.

Thermocouple Protection Sheaths

Syalon 101 thermocouple protection sheaths are becoming the industry standard in non–ferrous metal foundries. They possess outstanding thermal shock resistance, are non–wetting and suffer no degradation in contact with aluminium and its alloys.

Syalon 101 sheaths also allow constant temperature monitoring of the melt resulting in improved quality of the finished casting. For applications where the temperature exceeds 1200°C, Syalon 050 is the preferred choice.

Heater & Riser Tubes

Syalon heater and riser tubes offer long life, improved process reliability and are cost effective. They too benefit from excellent chemical stability in many non–ferrous metals and are resistant to the build-up of dross.


International Syalons manufacture a range of standard Syalon 101 ladles for carrying and pouring molten metal. These offer excellent thermal shock and corrosion resistance, which minimises contamination of the melt, and are cost-effective compared to alternative materials.