Thermal Applications

International Syalons supplies advanced silicon nitride, zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide ceramic solutions for diverse thermal applications, ultilising their outstanding refactory nature and thermal stability.

Advanced ceramics are characterised by high melting points and thermal stability. For example, silicon carbide has a melting point of 2730°C. Typical high-temperature applications include the molten metal handling, metal forming and glass production industries. These industries are continually seeking new advanced materials to help extend the life of critical components.

Alumina tube is typically used as a thermocouple protection sheath or as a support for kiln insulation. Silicon carbide can be used as kiln furniture. Silicon nitride is used as a burner nozzle and is the standard material used for non-ferrous molten metal handling applications. Typical high-temperature thermal applications include:

Thermocouple Sheaths

Syalon 101 thermocouple protection sheaths are becoming the industry standard in non–ferrous metal foundries. They possess outstanding thermal shock resistance, are non–wetting and suffer no degradation in contact with aluminium and it's alloys.

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International Syalons manufacture a wide range of Syalon tubes which are used to transport often very corrosive chemicals. For example, Syalon 101 has been used in place of inconel tubes, to extend the life of a chemical reactor.

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Extrusion Dies

Extrusion and drawing dies require high strength and outstanding wear resistance, dimensional stability and the ability to give an excellent surface finish. Syalon 101 and Zircalon 20 meet these requirements, as well as having excellent thermal shock resistance.

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The above examples are just a small selection of possible chemical and process applications of our advanced ceramics. Please contact us with your enquiry or to discuss your application further.