Metering Valves

International Syalons manufacture silicon nitride and sialon advanced ceramic metering valves for use in metering or controlling the flow of abrasive and corrosive slurries, particularly for chemical and sub–sea applications.

Sialons are silicon nitride based ceramics which are characterised by extreme chemical stability and abrasion resistance. Syalon 050 is extremely hard, tough and strong resulting in excellent wear resistant, and is chemically very stable making it potentially an ideal material for applications such as metering or control valves.

For example, in trials comparing Syalon 050 with inconel (a high performance nickel–chromium based superalloy) and silicon carbide, a 38mm diameter Syalon 050 metering valve, which cycled every 10 seconds, metering a hot corrosive and abrasive slurry, out–performed inconel valves by a factor of 14 to 1 and out–performed silicon carbide valves by 7 to 1.


For more information on wear applications of silicon nitride and sialon fine ceramics please contact one of our technical specialists for an initial consultation.

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