Chairman Tony Mitchell celebrates 10 years with ISN

Tony Mitchell joined the Company in August 2001 and this month marks his first 10 years of service. He expressed his pride in the progress of the Company over this period and praised the staff and the management team, particularly Operations Director Ian Denton and Technical Director Nick Fecitt.

Tony says "This management team have focussed on customer service, quality and innovation. These are the building blocks of a great business and we are well on the way to achieving greater things. We have an expert workforce who take pride in solving customer problems, no matter how great the challenge, and seek to delight the customer with our service. Quality is their ethos as we strive to excede customer expectations. We all believe in teamwork, in sharing problem-solving, in innovation and learning and we share the benefits as we build the Company. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be part of this team."

Ian Denton adds "Tony has consistently stressed the need to grow the business through customer service, quality and innovation and has guided the Company forward and continues with our ambitious plans for the future. The strength of the Company lies in our sense of teamwork and focus."

Nick Fecitt also says "Tony continually presses for more investment in R&D and product and process innovation. We face many challenges with determination and our staff enjoy rising to the challenge."

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