International Syalons – Calsitherm Group: 5 Year Anniversary

International Syalons are proud to celebrate 5 years as part of the Calsitherm Group.

Since the acquisition of International Syalons (Newcastle) Ltd. in full by Calsitherm Verwaltungs GmbH on 18th July 2018, the Group has overcome numerous challenges, including Brexit, COVID-19, and most recently the energy crisis. But, despite these difficult factors, both Syalons and the wider Calsitherm Group have grown thanks to the dedication and commitment of the entire workforce. 

To mark this milestone, Syalons arranged for local pizzeria Scream for Pizza to bring their fantastic mobile wood-fired oven to the factory and celebrate with plenty of delicious handmade pizzas.

Syalons-Calsitherm Pizzas

Image Credit: International Syalons (Newcastle) Ltd.

Calsitherm Group CEO, Dr Tobias Holscher said “As we celebrate this milestone, let us not forget the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Our success is a result of the collective efforts of every individual within this organisation. It is through our shared dedication, support, and encouragement that we have achieved what we have today. I encourage you to continue fostering an environment of cooperation, open communication, and mutual respect. Together, we can achieve even greater heights”. 

The Board of Directors echo these sentiments, and look forward to another 5 years of continuing to develop and grow within the Group.

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